We provide excavation services for residential and commercial properties

Renovating? Embarking on a new build? Lipka Builders provides comprehensive excavation services including foundation excavation, utility hookups, waterlines, site grading, and site clearing. We also provide hookups into City utilities and perform civil excavation, such as water mains and sewer mains. In commercial or industrial demolition projects, we are prepared to remove hazardous material safely, and to dismantle materials like heavy steel. Lipka Builders is a certified septic installer in the Flathead Valley, and our crew is certified as Competent Persons for Excavation in full compliance with OSHA standards. Whether you’re seeking the removal of a commercial building, your new home, or something smaller, we’ll bring your build site back to square one. We can also prepare undeveloped land for your build project. Whatever the specific demands of the site, our goal is to give you a clean slate outfitted with everything you need to move forward with construction.